Chocolate fudge cake filled with a cherry center topped with a rich chocolate frosting. "Where it began..." the signature cake that started it all. Moist carrot cake filled with
delicate walnuts and hints of pineapple complimented with a sweet cream cheese
frosting. A "Baked by ZuZu" must have!! Decadent chocolate cake with a creamy candy peanut butter center, topped with a rich
chocolate cream cheese frosting. Enjoy this seasonal delight all year around! Spiced pumpkin cake beneath a fluffy cream
cheese frosting dusted with cinnamon. A tribute to the ice cream original.  An oreo bottom holds a mixture of 
            rich vanilla cake with hints of cookie crumbles.  A miniature Oreo is then nestled on top of Vanilla Butter cream frosting. It’s a... nice day to enjoy a "white wedding cupcake." Moist white cake holds a sweet
raspberry cream cheese center topped with a velvety vanilla butter cream frosting. Refreshing and light, this lemon cake is filled with a lemon curd center topped with a
zesty cream cheese frosting. This will surely satisfy the most discriminate lemon lover. Who needs ice cream when you can have a vanilla or chocolate cake filled with a hot
fudge center. Banana butter cream frosting holds a cherry, banana slice and fudge swirls. Sweet red velvet cake swirled with cheesecake filling, topped with luscious cream cheese
frosting. A favorite of among Baked by ZuZu customers. A perfect blend of graham cracker & key lime cupcake. It is then topped with a lightly infused lime cream cheese frosting and key lime glaze. Delicious French vanilla cake with a rich custard center topped with either vanilla or
chocolate butter cream frosting.



Signature Flavors are $2.50 each. Custom flavors are subject to higher pricing. A portion of the proceeds is being donated to the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Traditional flavors available of course for $2.00 each. White, chocolate, strawberry, and yellow cupcakes to die for with your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry frosting. Seasonal flavors are available such as white peppermint, chocolate mint, coconut & more! I am also happy to create any custom flavors that you can dream up! Please contact me for custom pricing and check the "Baked by ZuZu" facebook page for seasonal and special flavor updates!

The minimum order is 6 cupcakes, with a minimum of 6 cupcakes per flavor, please.

Baked By ZuZu has now been in business for over a year. The response to our products has been humbling and more than we could have dreamed. There comes a time where we must add up the rising costs of doing business. The exclusive homemade, “small batch from scratch” approach comes at a greater expense to produce a high end product. We know our customers appreciate the top quality ingredients, design, and finish that we incorporate into each and every cupcake. In order to maintain this exceptional quality and not compromise our products to you, there has been a price increase that was effective September 1, 2011.

We still offer special packaging, custom cupcakes, and unique design for an additional cost. We are confident our desserts are well worth the investment.